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Vision, Mission and Values



Realising the full potential of Africa, we plan to the most preferred innovative company in Africa providing advisory, implementation and management services.



Looking at Africa with a growth perspective, examining opportunities and finding sustainable solutions to its poblems.



Our values shape our journey towards our vision. We see time as a factor of progress and our client committment is impeccable.

Black Economic  Empowerment

Pan Africa TMT Group is a 100% black owned company and complies with the DTI’s Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Scorecards. Pan Africa TMT is rated a level 1 organization in terms of the DTI’s codes of practice. We subscribe to the principles of Preferential Procurement as a model of good business practice. This is achieved through consciously doing business with BBBEE accredited organizations, and through the strict monitoring of all suppliers to ensure the highest performance standards and adherence to national transformation initiatives.

Corporate  Culture

Pan Africa TMT corporate culture is influenced by the growth of African cross-cultures. In the wake of globalization and increased international interaction of people from grass roots level to the upper structures of corporate businesses, we believe in an environment that positively absorbs people from different backgrounds. In this way we are able to continuously develop the spirit of collaboration in order to produce the best results for all of our clients.